18 Things You’ll Only See at a Dog Toy Convention

The past couple of days, Team BarkPost has been at the SuperZoo pet convention in the drippingly-hot Las Vegas, NV. While technically SuperZoo is dedicated to all of our household pets, we’re here to cover the dogs. And lemme tell yeh– we’ve seen some things here. Good, bad, and awesomely pup-rageous.

Crazy thing #18: Dog wine. No worries, non-alcoholic.

Crazy [adorable] thing #17:

This 6-week-old Border Collie pup. #ERMGHERD

Crazy thing #16: Doggles. For the Hell’s Angel pup. That dog on the go.

Crazy [awesome] thing #15:

FREE BEER at the in donations!

Crazy [fluffy ]thing #14:

SPOTTED: Landseer Newfie. #Holysmokesthatisoneadorabledog

Crazy thing #13: A potentially .

Crazy thing #12: Champagne squeaky toys. For the Francophile pup with a bit of class.

Crazy thing #11: An EXTREMELY rare rainbow poodle in the grooming section.

Crazy thing #10: Snoop Dogg is still Snoop Dogg at SuperZoo. #Who’sSnoopLion?

Crazy thing #9: that looks like it’s straight from The Jetsons.

Crazy thing #8: BarkBox Co-Founder Matt Meeker testing out a for his Great Dane, Hugo.

Crazy thing #7: Dog crack. Not the butt or drug kind– from

Crazy thing #6: Blatant use of using sex to sell product at booth 2067.

Crazy thing #5: Cardboard pet caskets complete with faux satin finish to help you celebrate the life of your pup in the Great Beyond.

Crazy thing #4: Dog toys that do NOT look like dog toys… *ahem*

Crazy [CRAZY] thing #3: Insane dog grooming…

Crazy thing #2: …And live streaming of dog grooming.

Crazy thing #1: This sweet, sweet piece of Poodle tail.

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