Is your dog an alcoholic?

Some dogs deny it. Some dogs say they can control it. Some dogs look at you pretending they don’t understand English. But it makes no difference. These dogs have a problem with alcohol.

First publicized by Dr. Grizzly Adams in his groundbreaking paper titled Is your dog a raging alcoholic?, the issue has come into national prominence in recent weeks. You may have heard about Ernesto the Dog’s recent WWI (walking while intoxicated) arrest or the unfortunate underage drinking bust of ‘The Vodka Paw-nic 6’ in Edison, NJ last week.

But instead of treating this issue with the respect and seriousness it deserves, some in the dog industry have decided to exploit the over-drinking trend. See below for some of the most abusive toy vendors at SuperZoo 2013.

Further debate arises when these ideas are applied to animals

Sex Sells at SuperZoo 2013

Sex sells at SuperZoo. We ran across this group of scantily dressed dog models near Booth #720. Cover it up, ladies – this isn’t a puppy peep show. Try to keep it classy. Developer stainless games sought to rejuvenate what many regard as a classic by announcing a remake for ios and android back in 2012, and just last year, carmaggedon made its eagerly anticipated return to the app store and google’s play store

BREAKING NEWS: Danielle makes out with a random dog

For Immediate Publication

Danielle Maveal, our own BarkBox Page 6 editor and gossip columnist, was recently spotted in the lobby of the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, locking lips with an unknown pooch. No word on whether these two are together or if a relationship is blossoming, but witnesses say Ms. Maveal approached said unknown dog, who was residing in a stroller, and immediately went to second base.

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A Chit & Chat with Superior Farms

Just had pleasure of engaging in both a chit and a chat with Gary Pfeiffer from . Their mantra is “sources verified” as they control the supply chain starting with raising healthy lambs (is that the plural of lamb?) and venison to the processing and distribution.  Gary’s background in food service supply  plays a big role in how they approach the treats business for pets.

“I’ve seen what goes on at some of these other treat companies,” says Pfeiffer, “and it’s just no good.”  Superior Farms takes their role in providing healthy, safe treats very seriously. “It’s something we are very serious about — we care about your pets.”

It  sounds like Superior Farms are really on the up and up.  It was just under one year ago that they started expanding into retail and business is booming.  With offices and plants in Iowa and New Zealand and distribution across the country, they seem to be growing a lamb and venison treat empire.  #ilovelamb

Find Superior Farms on  and  on Twitter at .

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Catching Up with Dale Edgar Brand

Had a chance to catch up with Brian Bauman from  (booth #516 at SuperZoo).  Dale Edgar is the maker of products like Calm K-9 and Hip & Joint Nutri-Wafer Supplement and was recently included in the July 4th themed BarkBox.

Sounds like some fun ideas are in the works, including a granola bar for pups — possibly dubbed as the “Snickers for Dogs” product for dog parents on the go.  Hungrrrry?  Why wait?

  Through the years, we participated in co-ops everywhere we lived

Commence SuperZoo 2013

Welcome to the Jungle!  The whole gang is here at SuperZoo and we’re looking forward to bringing you up-to-date coverage on what’s new in the pet industry, who’s sniffing who, and all the ridiculous pictures, videos and interviews that you’ve come to expect from BarkPost.  #arf In a trial in relatively unproductive seas between tasmania and antarctica, researchers demonstrated that dispersing small amounts of iron produced large algal blooms that pulled carbon dioxide out of sorry could you repeat that the air