Products Just for Your Differently-Abled Pup

My Cricket Bean went blind only a few months ago. She’s adapted so well, but I’m always on the hunt for tricks and products that will make her life a little easier and make her more confident. I was thrilled to see some great products for dogs that face physical challenges.

Pet Qwerk’s Babble Ball is a chatty little toy that rolls around your house taunting your pup. A blind dog would love this electronic toy! The Babble Ball has been around for years and is a staple in Pet Qwerk’s product line. Pups with impaired vision, and seeing dogs alike get a kick out of this one! If there was ever any doubt whether ios and android have the smartphone market sewn up, there really should be doubt no more

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Is your dog an alcoholic?

Some dogs deny it. Some dogs say they can control it. Some dogs look at you pretending they don’t understand English. But it makes no difference. These dogs have a problem with alcohol.

First publicized by Dr. Grizzly Adams in his groundbreaking paper titled Is your dog a raging alcoholic?, the issue has come into national prominence in recent weeks. You may have heard about Ernesto the Dog’s recent WWI (walking while intoxicated) arrest or the unfortunate underage drinking bust of ‘The Vodka Paw-nic 6’ in Edison, NJ last week.

But instead of treating this issue with the respect and seriousness it deserves, some in the dog industry have decided to exploit the over-drinking trend. See below for some of the most abusive toy vendors at SuperZoo 2013.

Further debate arises when these ideas are applied to animals

Sex Sells at SuperZoo 2013

Sex sells at SuperZoo. We ran across this group of scantily dressed dog models near Booth #720. Cover it up, ladies – this isn’t a puppy peep show. Try to keep it classy. Developer stainless games sought to rejuvenate what many regard as a classic by announcing a remake for ios and android back in 2012, and just last year, carmaggedon made its eagerly anticipated return to the app store and google’s play store

18 Things You’ll Only See at a Dog Toy Convention

The past couple of days, Team BarkPost has been at the SuperZoo pet convention in the drippingly-hot Las Vegas, NV. While technically SuperZoo is dedicated to all of our household pets, we’re here to cover the dogs. And lemme tell yeh– we’ve seen some things here. Good, bad, and awesomely pup-rageous.

Crazy thing #18: Dog wine. No worries, non-alcoholic.

Crazy [adorable] thing #17:

This 6-week-old Border Collie pup. #ERMGHERD

Crazy thing #16: Doggles. For the Hell’s Angel pup. That dog on the go.

Crazy [awesome] thing #15:

FREE BEER at the in donations!

Crazy [fluffy ]thing #14:

SPOTTED: Landseer Newfie. #Holysmokesthatisoneadorabledog

Crazy thing #13: A potentially .

Crazy thing #12: Champagne squeaky toys. For the Francophile pup with a bit of class.

Crazy thing #11: An EXTREMELY rare rainbow poodle in the grooming section.

Crazy thing #10: Snoop Dogg is still Snoop Dogg at SuperZoo. #Who’sSnoopLion?

Crazy thing #9: that looks like it’s straight from The Jetsons.

Crazy thing #8: BarkBox Co-Founder Matt Meeker testing out a for his Great Dane, Hugo.

Crazy thing #7: Dog crack. Not the butt or drug kind– from

Crazy thing #6: Blatant use of using sex to sell product at booth 2067.

Crazy thing #5: Cardboard pet caskets complete with faux satin finish to help you celebrate the life of your pup in the Great Beyond.

Crazy thing #4: Dog toys that do NOT look like dog toys… *ahem*

Crazy [CRAZY] thing #3: Insane dog grooming…

Crazy thing #2: …And live streaming of dog grooming.

Crazy thing #1: This sweet, sweet piece of Poodle tail.

For the best dog stuff on the web, be sure to check out ! And follow along the BarkPost ! For more more recommendations here technical information and quotes from the research team, read the original article on technology review

SuperZoo Vendors Give Back

In addition to writing celebrity dog exposés on Th BarkPost, I moonlight as BarkBox’s Community and Charity Director. BarkBox is committed to seeing all dogs happy, healthy and in a loving home, so it warmed my heart to see so many at SuperZoo giving back to pups (and humans) in need. Here are just a few vendors that support animal welfare:

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 5.46.36 PM

, the Tom’s of the dog industry (though I bet they might be sick of hearing this reference!), has a simple mission; for every item sold, they promise to donate an item to a dog in need. DOG for DOG also stands out at the conference with a young, fresh, and handmade feel to their booth and brand.

has launched a new product line with proceeds going to the. These toys are a serious version of those very popular crinkle newspaper toys that appeared in a past BarkBox, and they help support a seriously important cause!

 announced their Planet Dog Foundation has donated  $1 million dollars to pups in need! Wowza! Remember the durable raspberry, strawberry, eggplant and globe toys from your BarkBox? That’s Planet Dog! They have definitely inspired me to start hustlin’ and find more ways to give to our partner shelters and rescues. De ach jungs, tut mir leid eure welt zerstören zu müssen erster beitrag vorheriger beitrag zurück zur übersicht nächster beitrag letzter beitrag wie schreibe ich eine hausarbeit beispiel nur im spic splus möglich

Addiction Runs Rampant at SuperZoo

Not bailing you out this time, Puff Diggy. Snackin’ and snoozin’ is a serious offense.

Suuuuuure you need your for medical reasons, Bubba, sure.



I didn’t see a single schnauzer get carded–lucky dogs always look like distinguished old men and get away with everything! Boozy stuffies by


How are we supposed keep our puppies clean and off the streets?! Toys by


Georgia, your Bully Stick addiction has affected your pack in the following ways…

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5 Dogs that are ‘So Over’ SuperZoo

1. Freebee Nibbler. What. do. you. mean, there’s no more samples?!

2. Over-worked Poodle. Man, I can’t wait to just get back to the hotel, take this bow off and watch some Law & Order.

3. Paranoid Pyrenean Mastiff. You guys, I just saw Bill at our competitor’s booth. Trying not to freak out.

4. Abandoned Rainbow Dog. Hey. Hey. Hey guys. We done over here? Guys?

5. Over-it-Pug Vendor: Leave a business card with my assistant. I’m getting ready ready for a nap.

Cue card 1 talk about a person that browse around this service you spend a lot of time with

BREAKING NEWS: Danielle makes out with a random dog

For Immediate Publication

Danielle Maveal, our own BarkBox Page 6 editor and gossip columnist, was recently spotted in the lobby of the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, locking lips with an unknown pooch. No word on whether these two are together or if a relationship is blossoming, but witnesses say Ms. Maveal approached said unknown dog, who was residing in a stroller, and immediately went to second base.

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