Is your dog an alcoholic?

Some dogs deny it. Some dogs say they can control it. Some dogs look at you pretending they don’t understand English. But it makes no difference. These dogs have a problem with alcohol.

First publicized by Dr. Grizzly Adams in his groundbreaking paper titled Is your dog a raging alcoholic?, the issue has come into national prominence in recent weeks. You may have heard about Ernesto the Dog’s recent WWI (walking while intoxicated) arrest or the unfortunate underage drinking bust of ‘The Vodka Paw-nic 6’ in Edison, NJ last week.

But instead of treating this issue with the respect and seriousness it deserves, some in the dog industry have decided to exploit the over-drinking trend. See below for some of the most abusive toy vendors at SuperZoo 2013.

Further debate arises when these ideas are applied to animals