Sex Sells at SuperZoo 2013

Sex sells at SuperZoo. We ran across this group of scantily dressed dog models near Booth #720. Cover it up, ladies – this isn’t a puppy peep show. Try to keep it classy. Developer stainless games sought to rejuvenate what many regard as a classic by announcing a remake for ios and android back in 2012, and just last year, carmaggedon made its eagerly anticipated return to the app store and google’s play store

Robby S., Newsman, Interviews the Nice Ladies from DogTread

Our favorite newsman, Robby S., recently had a chat with the nice ladies at DogTread about the current status of athlete dogs. Get the lowdown on dog steroid use and doggie core building.

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Fake Dog Spotted at Natural Balance

Just in case anyone was wondering, the dog at the is NOT REAL. Didn’t want anyone to get confused over this. We have reports that the cat is not real, either, but this is not confirmed.

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Where to Find Free Beer at SuperZoo: Planet Dog Donates Over $1 Million

If you’re looking for a refreshing beverage at SuperZoo, be sure to check out Planet Dog’s booth. Recently they celebrated donating over $1 million dollars through the non-profit grant organization, The Planet Dog Foundation. Cupcakes, Sierra Nevada IPA, they’ve got it. ūüôā

Stephie Volo, one of Planet Dog’s co-founders said that they didn’t even realize that they had passed the $1 million mark until a few months later. “I said, why don’t we just check into it? And we had passed it!” <3 First, numerous readers wrote to daily writing tips recently to inform me that I had misspelled college essay writing help a word in one of the items in 35 fossil words it’s just desserts, not just deserts, to refer to getting what you deserve, I was told

The Top Dogs at SuperZoo So Far

When you send a bunch of dog-obsessed peeps to cover a dog toy convention, it’s only a matter of nanoseconds before we can find the dogs. We’ve only been covering the SuperZoo event for a few minutes, but here are our favorite pups so far.

This shy pup and his mukluk booties just stretches out our heartstrings they’re being pulled so much.

Billie from could be older Giant Schnauzer sister.

Not a real pup, which was confusing at first… But still looks cute chillin’ all comfy in those .

This pup is more ladylike than any of the ladies on Team BarkPost can ever hope to be. ūüėČ

“Dis is how I feelz on ze inside.”

Susie Q from True Chew USA doesn’t give a darn about how to sit like a lady. ;P

Be sure to as we cover the dog toy convention, AKA SuperZoo, in Vegas! After that fun tick over here share, it’ll ask you what your expenses are

Bold Doggy Styles Dominate SuperZoo 13

SuperZoo is in full swing and the competition to stand out is fierce. Speaking of fierce check out the stance on Buzz (Top Right). His fluffy butt cheeks show that he means business. Meanwhile, brother and sister combo Cashmere (Left) and Joe (Bottom Right) opt for a more colorful approach.


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Catching Up with Dale Edgar Brand

Had a chance to catch up with Brian Bauman from  (booth #516 at SuperZoo).  Dale Edgar is the maker of products like Calm K-9 and Hip & Joint Nutri-Wafer Supplement and was recently included in the July 4th themed BarkBox.

Sounds like some fun ideas are in the works, including a granola bar for pups — possibly dubbed as the “Snickers for Dogs” product for dog parents on the go. ¬†Hungrrrry? ¬†Why wait?

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Reporting Live from SuperZoo

Press credentials – check! The BarkPost team is on the scene at SuperZoo. Keep checking in for live updates from the world’s biggest pet trade show. #superzoo¬†
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Commence SuperZoo 2013

Welcome to the Jungle! ¬†The whole gang is here at SuperZoo and we’re looking forward to bringing you up-to-date coverage on what’s new in the pet industry, who’s sniffing who, and all the ridiculous pictures, videos and interviews that you’ve come to expect from BarkPost. ¬†#arf In a trial in relatively unproductive seas between tasmania and antarctica, researchers demonstrated that dispersing small amounts of iron produced large algal blooms that pulled carbon dioxide out of sorry could you repeat that the air